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With HFC now open, I've complied a list of requirements that everyone must meet before entering the raid.

1. You Must Sign Up On The Guild Website!
*It's not hard.. click here.

2. You Must Watch The Fights!
*They are posted here.
*Comment To Let Me Know You Watched Then! All new members must do this before raiding.

3. For All New Recruits, You Must Go Through LFR/Normal With An Officer First!
*Set up a time and date with someone to go with you. We also do Normal on Thursdays now so please message someone about getting added to the calendar.

4. There Are Some Exceptions!
*If you're able to pull the dps/hps required, there may be an exception. Only members of the "Triforce" can make that decision. Officer's Have The Last Say!

*This is a required addon for Iskar. Everyone must have it installed before raid. It can be found on the Curse website.

Item Level Requirements

Currently for HFC raiding we're looking for at least -

  • 680
  • Heroic
  • 695+
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