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The Guild Page Is (Basically) Finished!

Zeliah / Jun 17, 2015
After many, many, many long days and nights, I've finally finished the guild site! I will be using it to post guild news, raiding information and strategies. Take sometime to get use to the site, because I would really like for everyone to try to use it as much as possible. The forums will be the biggest help as well as the "Resources" button on the right. Make sure you check this out!
Also, FYI - with the forums, once you become a member you will see two new sections, "Guild Chat" and "Raiding." These are member's only so no non-guildies will be able to see it.

But Yeah!
What makes this guild so wonderful is all the great people in it. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has stuck around and all those just joining. I love raiding and hanging out with you guys. You make this guild fun and exciting! I really hope you guys like this site and take advantage of it! I've put a lot of work into it and I'd really appreciate any feedback!


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