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The Polls Are In!

Zeliah / Mar 01, 2016
Hey Everyone!

So about a month ago I did a survey to find out what everyone wanted to do after we finished Heroic HFC.

In First Place we have, Mythic HFC!
Followed by..
2. Alt Raids / Achievement Raids
3. Older Raids / Mount Runs
4. PvP

Thank you everyone who participated! :D

So with these results, we would like to accommodate everyone! We have reworked our raiding schedule slightly.
Thursdays - Alt HFC/Normal-Heroic
Fridays - Heroic
Saturdays - Mythic

Over the next few weeks we will be trying to talk to everyone individually and find out where they would like to stop. Not everyone wants to or has the time to do mythic. And that's perfectly fine :P But, according to the survey, a good majority wants to do mythic. We want to be able to accommodate everyone! <3

Mythic Takes Time

Mythic is hard. We've seen this. Saturday night raids need to be serious and have people focused. We can have fun like we love to do on Thursdays, and Fridays, but Saturdays should be different. If this type of raiding doesn't appeal to you, then it's of course not required for you to come and you can still come on Thursdays and Fridays (:
Please think it over and find out if Mythic is right for you! Then comment below, or inform an officer whether or not you would like to continue raiding on Saturdays for Mythic. Last Saturday, it was easy to see that mechanics are *such* a big issue. If you want to do mythic, you have to know the mechanics. You should have already seen videos and posts about how to defeat mythic Iron Reaver.

If you think you need help trying to figure your rotation, stats, gear, etc. please message an officer or post something on the forums! We want to help!

We have been trying to make as much food as possible, but for this many people it's hard to keep up. We will have some food ready, but we would love for everyone to try to bring their own 125 food! <3


2. Old Raids and Achievement Runs

We are going to try to sett up more of these as possible. Last week we did Mythic Highmaul, this week we're going to try Mythic BRF! We will try to do an extra run like this every week :3 Possibly on Sundays, but feel free to let us know a better time/date :P

3. PvP!

We have a lot of people interested in Pvp! We would like to see who would be interested in doing rated battlegrounds, areas etc. Events coming soon! :D

4. Guild Events!

Zeliah would love to *attempt* at putting together some guild events for you guys! Espyn has some awesome ideas found here! If any of these interest you or if you have any ideas of your own, we'd love to hear them! :D

Thank you for taking your time to read this guys! <3 I love how active you guys have been on here lately. Please, feel free to make posts and start discussions!

We really want to try to make everyone happy<3


Z is prepped and ready to take on Mythic! :D
When school is in my schedule is pretty packed full, this semester I'm taking 18 credit hours, tutoring 8 hours/week in the calculus lab, and I'm student teaching a Pre-Calculus class. Fridays and Saturdays are usually cool, but I'll probably miss a lot of Thursdays and Sundays.
I am ready for mythic on multiple toons! :)
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