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The Legion is Upon Us!

Zeliah / Sep 01, 2016
Hey guys! 😄

I hope everyone is enjoying all the new toys and quests while you grind your way to 110! It's so nice to see so many people on and excited for this new expansion. HK has come a long ways since SoO and I can't be more proud of what we've accomplished and where we're heading! :D

First, I want to say welcome to all our shiny new recruits! 😁
We're all so excited to have you come on the journey with us and we hope to get as far as we can! That being said, please make sure you are familiar with our rules and raiding polices! Currently, we have a lot of people interested in raiding in general and that's great! For the main team, we are looking for people who are willing to do what is needed so raiding can go smoothly. Things like knowing what's best for your spec, stat priorities, coming to raid on time and prepared with enchants, pots, food, etc. are all things that every raider needs. These are outlined more in the links above. We are also looking into still having a casual, "alt" raid. Currently those days/times are undecided but we will be having sign-ups for those as well. This is also where we will be trialing people for the main team. There will be more info on that in the future!

The first raid will be the Emerald Nightmare and that will be coming out for Normal/Heroic September 20th!


We are planning to jump right in that weekend so for my wonderful raiders, please make sure you've done your homework! I'll be posting videos and guides here on our snazzy website as always (Pro tip: click on a boss on the left), but I will also be putting them in Discord!
~Speaking of - We have officially switched from TS3 to Discord! All raiders must have this downloaded and set up by raid day! You can find the info here or talk to an officer and they'll walk you through it!

You guys are what shapes HK into being the guild that I know and love. I can't thank you enough for ether sticking with us or choosing us as your home 💕
Have fun, and lets kick some Legion butt!



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