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Raiding is an exciting, fun experience that we enjoy. While we do prefer an easy-going atmosphere, there are times when things get stressful for everyone. We all come in on the same goal: kill the baddies. These are a few rules we have to make raiding like a little less stressful.

1. Know Your Class!
*stay current and up to date on changes that happen to your class. We don't mind helping and giving pointers but it will also be on you to do your own research.

2. Know The Fights!
* While we are still progressing, life will always be better if you know what you're up against. We require everyone to watch the short clips beforehand so you are aware of the mechanics. You will be able to find any links you need in the "Resources" section on the right.

3. Have An Open Mind!
* Be open to criticism. If there's an issue, please be open to fixing it. If you continue to not listen to the help we provide, then we don't have a spot for you. It's not going to be fun for the rest of the guild to be held up because you won't listen.
*Also, if another spec is better for a certain fight, please be open to switching. That much more dps can be the difference between a wipe and a kill!

4. Respect Everyone!
*No one will/should openly criticize another guildie or pug! If you notice they're doing something wrong, you can try helping in a friendly manner. If not, let an officer know! We're here to deal with people so you don't have to.

5. Be on Time!
* You can't expect 15+ people to wait on you. If there are any issues with time or if you're not sure if you can make it, let an Officer know. Early is always better!

6. Have Your Raiding Mats Ready!
* We'll ask at the beginning if anyone need pots/flasks but we expect everyone to come fully enchanted/gemmed! These resources can be found in the guild bank, but please be helpful in contributing mats/items as well.

7. You Must Read All The Rules! (Raiding & About Us)
*If you have, you'll know you should write "Rogues Are The Best!" in the application

8. Stay Out Of Fire!
* It does NOT give a dps/hps/tanking boost!

9. You Must Sign-Up On The Guild Website!
*I'll always be posting things to help you out. There's plenty of useful videos and guides for the fights.

HFC Raiding Requirements

Attendance & Invites
Thursday, Friday & Saturday @ 7:30 - 10:30pm Server Time (CST).

*If you have any issues with attendance - let an Officer know. We would like everyone to be dedicated and come as much as possible so we can progress. We know things come up and that's completely fine.
*Invites will go out at 7:20pm so please be on time and prepared. We expect you to have all the equipment, enchants and gems.

We have just a few required things you need to raid.

1. Discord
* You don't need a mic but you need to be able to listen.
Discord Information is found here!
2. DBM/Bigwigs Or Any Equivalent

Recommended Addons -

1. Weak Auras
3. Raid Frames (Grid, Vuhdo)
4. Recount/Skada
5. There's a bunch of good UI packs (supervillain, ElvUI)
6. Mouse over Macros
7. Cool down or DoT timers

There're plenty more - just ask someone. There's also a ton of great class-specific ones that many of us use. Feel free to ask someone who plays your class what they use.

Raiding is a team effort. We believe in gearing the raid a whole vs the individual. We expect everyone to be mature while loot is being distributed. No one will get shorted anything, but we ask to keep an open mind and be courteous to other raiders. If it's just secondary stats for you, but 10 ilvl's for someone else, it would benefit the raid team more to give that piece to the lower ilvl if that person has been dedicated to making the raids. Also, Mains > Alts.
Generally, it will always be MS>OS>DE for the guild. All BoE's stay in the guild! There are some occasions if no one in the main raid needs it, it may got to someone we're gearing, but it will usually be sold on the AH to go towards guild repairs.
All BoE's MUST be equipped at the time they are given! MS OR OS. If we find you are selling them on the AH, you will be kicked from the guild.

1. Main Spec.
2. Off Spec.
3. Disenchanted & Goes to Guild Bank

1. Main Spec.
2. Off Spec.
3. Sold For Guild Repairs

TL;DR - Be Nice, Know Your Class/Fights, Use DBM/Discord and Have Fun!