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Useful Sites

The following websites listed are ones we feel can help you learn to play your class to the best of your ability

  • Askmrrobot isn't as relevant without reforging but is still a good choice when deciding what gear you need to take, as well as how to gem/enchant; it uses carefully planned algorithms based off stat priorities entered by an expert in your class/spec to show your BiS
  • Warcraftlogs and subsequently our guilds log page Here are useful tools to use to log fight data and review it later. This should be used both to see mistakes that were made and how to learn from them as well as to see how you compare with other players of your spec. You can go into the logs and take an in depth look at your ability use and uptimes compared with other players from around the world.
  • Blizzardwatch the site formerly known as wowinsider, is always a great source to catch up on the happenings of not only wow, but all news Blizzard wide from Kerrigan to Overwatch. Also helpful are the occasional class articles hosted by elites.
  • MMoChampion is and as far as we can tell will continue to be the Most Active and involved wow-related forum for discussion on a wide variety of game related news outside of blizzards own forums. Seek conversation here.
  • Icyveins, Method, and Summonstone are all very nice websites with decently detailed yet simplistic guides for every class, covering everything from talent choices to glyphing and even giving you a generalized rotation guide.
  • Wowhead is also currently the most reliable database for all things wow, from loot to guides for things like legendaries to finding a transmog(which we highly recommend).

Here are also some websites specifically devoted to individual Classes and or Specs

PALADINS can guard allies through Shields, heal with a Libram, or check one of the above sites to whet your blade.

ROGUES Ravenholdt Manor and Shadowland are both here to prepare to slice some throats

HUNTERS TheLodge and Eyesofthebeast covers most of your taking an arrow to the knee needs.

PRIESTS Howtopriest explains very well how to priest pull the tank off the edge of skyreach. Also, a few great Priest Macros!

MAGES Timewarp using this site to blink past all danger and portal your friends to the crater formally known as dalaran.

DRUIDS FeralCats, Bearlytanking, and Restokin seem to be the general authorities for shapeshifting.

SHAMANS used to learn their Totems here but as they seem to be inactive lately i would refer you to one of the general use webpages above.

WARLOCKS can cause their enemies eternal Pain and Suffering with the use of this minion.

WARRIORS unfortunately dont have an active site either and would be referred to the above sites or Warrior forums

DEATHKNIGHTS need look no farther to raise the dead than the Graveyard.

MONKS can do a barrel roll Tanking or concentrate their CHI for devastating accuracy